States In Nigeria (36 States and capital and Nigeria City)

There are 36 state and capital in Nigeria.  Here in this post, I’m going to sharing with you States in Nigeria, state and capital in Nigeria, 36 states in Nigeria, list of states in Nigeria, Nigeria population, and Nigeria city individually.

There are kinds of States in Nigerian north-west states in Nigeria, southern states in Nigeria, northern states in Nigeria, southern states in Nigeria. Here highlighted all 36 states in nigeran with Founded, Area, Capital, and Population of Nigeria.

states in nigeria

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36 States and Capital In Nigeria

  • Benue State –  Founded: February 3, 1976, Area: 34,059 km², Capital: Makurdi, Population Of Benue: 4,253,641
  • Abia State – Founded: August 27, 1991, Area: 6,320 km², Capital: Umuahia, Population Of Abia: 4,845,380
  • Adamawa State – Founded: August 27, 1991, Area: 36,917 km², Capital: Yola, Population Of Adamawa: 3,178,950
  • Akwa Ibom – Founded: September 23, 1987, Area: 7,081 km2, Capital: Uyo, Population Of Akwa Ibom: 5.451 million
  • Anambra State – Founded: August 27, 1991, Area: 4,844 km², Capital: Awka, Population Of Anambra State: 4,177,828
  • Bauchi State – Founded: 3 February 1976, Area: 49,119 km², Capital: Bauchi, Population Of Bauchi State: 4,653,066

These are the area state of Nigeria. You can also know about them in Wikipedia Directory

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